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The Power of Vitamin D

Have you ever wondered why more people tend to fall ill during the winter? The Surgical Critical Care Director at Grady Memorial Hospital and Morehouse School of Medicine’s Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr. L. Ray Matthews, has shown that the answer is vitamin D deficiency. Thanks to Dr. Matthews, hospitals across the United States have implemented vitamin D protocols and other preventative measures to help patients avoid injury and improve recovery time from trauma or illness. Continue reading

Do Men Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is not solely for women going through menopause. Many males also experience a decrease in hormonal levels, or low T, and could benefit from a testosterone booster. With low testosterone levels, men are likely to see increased signs of aging that affect their mental and physical appearance. 1513 Anti-Aging and Weight Loss® uses testosterone replacement therapy to slow and reverse signs of aging in men. Continue reading

Vitamin D Key for Endurance

Low energy and decreased stamina cause big problems for any workout program. Longer recovery times can be attributed to many different factors, but one long distance runner and dietician was shocked to discover that vitamin D deficiency was at the root of her endurance issues. Continue reading

Physical Inactivity Shortens Life Expectancy

Everyone knows that physical inactivity can keep you from achieving the sculpted body you want, but can couch surfing also accelerate aging? A collection of research published by the American Physiological Society found that a lifetime of physical inactivity decreases average life expectancy.

Continue reading

5 Steps to a Healthy Diet

There’s a lot of contradicting information on the internet about healthy diet plans. Some weight loss programs advocate no carbohydrates, others emphasize fiber consumption, and still others recommend cutting out meat and animal products. It can be difficult to decide which weight loss diet will help you achieve the results you desire. This article by fitness expert Armi Legge helps break down the 5 clinically proven healthy diet tips that help people achieve their goals. Continue reading

Dietary Impact on Long-Term Weight Gain

You already know that several factors contribute to weight gain. Physical activity, TV-watching, sleep duration, and changes in specific foods and beverages can all have an effect. However, thanks to a series of three separate studies, Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers discovered that diet changes in particular, had the strongest associations with differences in weight gain. Continue reading

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Muscle Soreness

Conventional wisdom tells us that when you have soreness, you should take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like Advil (Ibuprofen) to relieve the pain. A study published at the 2012 annual meeting of the European League Against Rheumatism suggests that taking NSAIDs may actually prolong pain from muscle soreness, rather than alleviate it. Continue reading

Sleep and Brain Development

No matter how many studies come out proclaiming the many health benefits of getting sufficient sleep, people still trudge into work on 4 hours rest and wonder why they are not as sharp as they should be. A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience provides another compelling bit of evidence on how important sleep is in maintaining good health. Continue reading

Testosterone Adds an Edge

How do aging Wall Street executives stay ahead of their fast paced jobs, keep off fat, and improve their romantic relationships? Many are turning to hormone replacement therapy and low testosterone treatment to improve their performance according to this article from CNBC that interviews several Wall Street Tycoons. Continue reading

Sports Teams & Overeating

Your Team’s Loss is Your Body’s Gain

Did you know that when a sports team you are rooting for loses a game, you are more likely to eat unhealthy foods? This New York Times article discusses a recent study from the journal Psychological Science that found that people ate more saturated fats and sugars when their teams lost, or were in the process of losing, than fans whose teams were victorious. Continue reading

Sleep & Weight Gain

Did you know that getting the proper amount of sleep every night is an effective way to keep off excess weight? Studies found in this article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information show that people who get less sleep have a more difficult time losing weight than those who get adequate and restful sleep. Continue reading

Intense Exercise and Appetite Reduction

At 1513 Anti-Aging & Weight Loss®, we don’t just want you to lose weight, we want you to improve your lifestyle. That is why we are proud to offer several diet options for men and women to help get your weight and your life back under control. In this recent article from the New York Times, scientists discuss a recent study showing that intense exercise coupled with a healthy diet is more important than ever for helping you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Big Breakfast

You’ve heard your whole life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At 1513 Anti-Aging & Weight Loss®, we agree! A recent study published in the journal Obesity makes the case for the benefits of eating a big breakfast in a whole new way. That’s why we offer a number of diet plans for men and women that give you the ability to budget your calories whenever you choose. So if you want to lose weight and get in shape but don’t regularly eat breakfast, this information will be of particular benefit to you. Continue reading