Could losing weight really be as easy as following a no-carb diet plan two days a week? A British study recently found that cutting carbs two days a week was more effective than many traditional diet plans.

Researchers from Genesis Prevention Centre at University Hospital in South Manchester monitored the diet and weight loss of 115 women over a four month period. They separated the women into three different groups, each with a unique healthy diet plan. The first group followed a 1,500-calorie-per-day Mediterranean style diet. The second group restricted carbs two days a week, and only ate 650 calories on ‘no carb days’. The third group ate a carb restricted diet two days a week, but didn’t cut calories.

Their results showed that women who intermittently ate a carb restricted diet lost about 9 pounds per month. In contrast, women who followed the 1,500 calorie Mediterranean style diet only lost 5 pounds per month. Women who cut carbs two days a week also significantly lowered the levels of hormones linked to breast cancer, insulin and leptin.

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