Weight Loss FAQs

Q: Are my genetics the reason for my weight?

A: Possibly, however you may just be eating the same as your relatives. The bottom-line is you have to work with what you have and we are here to help.

Q: Could some of my medication cause me to gain weight?

A: Possibly. There are some medicines that may cause some weight gain. If the medicine is needed for your health you will have to do the best you can do is manage it not to use it as a total excuse. 1513 can help to try and create a lifestyle change that will take this in consideration.

Q: I have a friend that lost weight on a diet plan but it didn’t work when I tried it. Why is this?

A: Everyone is different. We have different genetics, different environments, different support systems and different ways of being accountable to ourselves for what we do. We are here to help with different strategies to accomplish your goals.

Q: But I just love the taste of food. How will I ever be successful?

A: This is more common than you think. Success comes as you develop control to of your caloric intake. There are certain strategies you may have to learn but the long term outcome should be positive. And like grandma used to say, “That first Oreo cookie really tastes much better than the next five.”

Q: I seem to have lost control of my appetite. What is wrong with me?

A: You are not alone. This is very common. Gaining weight happens over a period of time. Some gain quicker than others but it probably doesn’t happen overnight. If you’ve been overweight your body has gotten used to being that way and things must change. That change will happen over a period of time. As you gradually change your lifestyle your body will get then get used to the new you!

Q: Is breakfast really that important if I’m trying to lose weight?

A: Research has shown that breakfast skippers tend to have a higher body fat percentage and will also be more likely to have poor and delayed decision-making skills. “Skippers” are more likely than others to gorge on food later in the day and will utilize about 150 less calories each day than those that eat breakfast. Some people say they just aren’t hungry in the mornings. If this is the case you could cut back on your last meal. In a short period of time you’ll be waking up hungry.

Q: What will happen on my first appointment?

A: It will begin with a medical interview. The doctor or physician’s assistant will ask about your previous weight control and take a full medical history. A physical examination followed by blood tests, BMI, EKG to find out if you would be suitable for our program.

Q: I have been on diets before but always gained my weight back. Why is this?

A: Actually that is a positive thing. If you have lost weight before you are actually more likely to be able to do it again because you have been there before. It is not uncharted territory. The diets worked however there was no long term lifestyle change. People that are successful do not return to the way they ate previously. At 1513 we help to create and maintain than lifestyle change with our programs.

Q: How fast can I lose weight?

A: The rate of weight loss depends on several factors:

  • The program you choose to use
  • Your ability to follow to your program
  • Your accountability to rechecking with the clinician
  • The amount of exercise you do
  • How much you weigh in the beginning

Q: Is there a lot of intense exercise involved?

A: Exercise is not a primary focus of our programs.  We strongly encourage our clients to start some form of physical activity. This can be as simple as a walking program. Studies have shown that the combination of exercise and dieting is superior to dieting alone.

Q: Should I be focused entirely on how many pounds I wish to lose?

A: Not at all. Your weight is just one thing to think about. While weight is important you should also consider how your clothes fit, how you feel when you get up in the morning, how much easier it is to get around, how much energy you have reclaimed.

Q: Are there group sessions involved?

A: No. Consultations are one-to-one. They are completely private, confidential, and focused on you.

Q: Is there a maintenance program once I’ve reached my goals?

A: Yes. The essential goal of 1513 if for our clients to be able to have a healthy lifestyle and part of that is having a way to maintain the weight they have achieved.