Patient Testimonials

Read our client testimonials to find out how our programs have helped people just like you achieve incredible results!

Hormone Replacement Therapy Testimonials

“1513 has given me an awareness of what is naturally occurring in my body over time! They have given me the knowledge and tools to be a better me. Thanks to an amazing staff.”

“Motivated staff!! First Class!!”

“My blood work numbers have improved and I feel so much better. These guys are awesome!!!”

“Very caring staff!”

“I feel much better with more energy. Very beneficial.”

“The energy restorer!”

“Great staff. Caring attitude changed my life! Feeling can’t be any better. Thanks!”

“More energy!”

“1513 has helped me lose over 20 lbs and increased my energy greatly! Thanks 1513!”

“Lifted my spirits!”

“Better motivation!”

“Friendly staff”

“Lost 30 lbs and dropped 4 inches in my waist!”

“Great people, great service!”

“I really appreciate the mental therapy!”

“I love the ladies here at 1513, they are always so sweet and funny.”

“I had my blood tested (for testosterone deficiency) in 2008 and everything was perfectly fine when I was at the doctor’s (office). There weren’t any symptoms or anything like that. And then last year, I had it tested again, and it had dropped by about 50%.

So then I started thinking, “Well, are there any changes in my life?” And there had been some small changes. I don’t recover as quickly, I tend to fall asleep after dinner a lot sooner, it’s harder to wake up in the mornings, and then the workouts were just tougher to do or tougher to recover from. And then I had my blood tested and found that it had dropped tremendously—over 50% within that time period.

Once I started, (testosterone replacement therapy) everything turned backwards—it was like turning back the hands of time. I’m just more active all the way around. There was a time when I didn’t even want to walk my dogs, but I do now! And again, my workouts are tremendous, during and after, as well as the next few days after, because I recover so much quicker. I would totally recommend everyone who happens to be 35 and older to at least get checked, because you never know. You never know how young you can feel.”

Weight Loss Testimonials

“I’m excited about starting the ‘Shake it Off’ program! They taste good and I’m not hungry, and that never happens! I’m hopeful I can conquer my weight problem and get healthier. Everyone here is great!”

“The staff at 1513 have been incredible! Always courteous and concerned about my health! B-12 injections went smooth, did not even feel the shot. Love this place!”

“My goal is to lose 40 lbs before April 29 and with my motivation and the awesome staff here…it’s done!”

“Perserverance is the key! Never give up!”

“My favorite people! Helped me to lose weight I couldn’t lose on my own!”

“Ya’ll got my weight going in the right direction, DOWN!”

“1513 has motivated and inspired me to be disciplined to achieve my weight loss goals! I have more energy and feel great! Thanks so much!”

“1513 is great! Weight loss goal – 140 lbs. Great staff and motivating!”

“1513 is the greatest! Great staff! Great weight loss plans!”

“Caring staff with big hearts! Wonderful people. Love Donna and Lisa. Always make me feel welcome and loved. Goal – Lose 30 lbs.”

“1513 is the best. I reached my goal. Thanks guys.”

“I have reached my goal. Thank you so much! Kelly, Donna, Lisa & Bill are wonderful!”