Everyone knows that physical inactivity can keep you from achieving the sculpted body you want, but can couch surfing also accelerate aging? A collection of research published by the American Physiological Society found that a lifetime of physical inactivity decreases average life expectancy.

As time passes, the body naturally ages; however, the aging process is separated into two different categories. Primary aging happens as cells naturally get older and die. Secondary aging occurs as a result of disease, smoking, sun exposure, environmental damage, and lifestyle choices. Research shows that habitual physical inactivity accelerates secondary aging, and puts sedentary people at about a 30% higher risk of dying before reaching the average lifespan.

There are many negative consequences associated with a sedentary lifestyle. A lifetime of physical inactivity can trigger the early onset of physical frailty, reduced cardiovascular health, and an increased risk of chronic disease. Overall, sedentary people experience fewer years of high quality life with optimal health.

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