Have you ever wondered why more people tend to fall ill during the winter? The Surgical Critical Care Director at Grady Memorial Hospital and Morehouse School of Medicine’s Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr. L. Ray Matthews, has shown that the answer is vitamin D deficiency. Thanks to Dr. Matthews, hospitals across the United States have implemented vitamin D protocols and other preventative measures to help patients avoid injury and improve recovery time from trauma or illness.

In a landmark paper published in the American Journal of Surgery, Dr. Matthews found that many patients admitted to the Grady ICU suffered from major deficiencies in vitamin D. His research showed that a patient’s vitamin D level tends to drop by 50% within their first 24-48 hours in the hospital, meaning patients entering with already low vitamin D levels were at a higher risk of serious illness, or even death. After implementing a vitamin D protocol for all critically ill patients, the Grady Hospital witnessed a 42% decrease in its mortality rate.

In addition to its effect on recovery times and the immune system, vitamin D has also been proven to prevent injury. The football team at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Lithonia, Georgia followed Dr. Matthews’ parent-led vitamin D supplementation protocol within the school’s sports program. Over the course of two years of vitamin D supplementation, only one football player suffered a concussion, and the team saw a 100% decrease in sports injuries.

Vitamin D benefits skeletal system strength, and helps fight against injuries such as brain trauma and concussions. A direct correlation between low vitamin D levels and high concussion rates has been shown within young athletes.

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