No matter how many studies come out proclaiming the many health benefits of getting sufficient sleep, people still trudge into work on 4 hours rest and wonder why they are not as sharp as they should be. A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience provides another compelling bit of evidence on how important sleep is in maintaining good health.

Specifically, the study shows that the production of essential cells that create myelin, a fatty coating that protects nerves, is nearly doubled in lab mice during sleep. The increase in growth was most dramatic during REM sleep, which is the period most commonly associated with dreaming. Damaged cells were also repaired faster and more efficiently during sleep than when awake.

The study showed that a lack of sleep could also aggravate some symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which damages myelin. Additionally, it revealed that genes involved in cell death and stress responses were accelerated when subjects were forced to stay awake.

When you are not getting enough regular sleep, your brain is not creating the crucial cells that you need to work and play at your optimum level. This can impact dieting and weight loss. You may also be suffering from a hormone imbalance. Men with lowered testosterone and women with lowered estrogen (or testosterone and progesterone) consistently cite sleeplessness as a primary symptom that causes them to seek treatment.

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