Low energy and decreased stamina cause big problems for any workout program. Longer recovery times can be attributed to many different factors, but one long distance runner and dietician was shocked to discover that vitamin D deficiency was at the root of her endurance issues.

Vitamin D is mainly produced in the human body through UV exposure. Generally, people who spend 5 minutes or more outside are naturally able to achieve the recommended levels. Certain foods like fish oils and fortified milk, or vitamin D supplements, can also help people reach their daily requirement.

It’s common for people who always wear sunscreen or live in northern climates to include vitamin D supplements as part of their diet. However, many athletes have recently identified vitamin D deficiency as a leading cause of fatigue. Famously, Olympic athlete Deena Kastor discovered her vitamin D deficiency after she broke her foot during the 2008 Beijing Olympic marathon.

Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D has been linked to many positive health attributes, such as improved bone health, increased VO2 max, reduced inflammation, and improved immunity. At 1513 Anti-Aging & Weight Loss® we recommend that clients come in for an evaluation by our experienced clinicians to determine the correct lifestyle adjustments needed to meet their goals.

Proper nutrition, vitamin, and hormone levels provide a strong foundation for an ideal body. The staff at 1513 Anti-Aging & Weight Loss® understands what lifestyle changes are necessary to achieve fitness and health goals.

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